Introduction of Academic Audit and State Ranking of Higher Education Institutions from 2016-2017 Session

The State Govt. has approved introduction of Academic Audit & State Ranking of Higher Education Institutions from Academic Session  2016-2017 (vide Office Order No. B.13017/5/2015-HTE dt.16.05.2016) Introduction of AA is the direct outcome of HELA Workshop at Bangalore.  The format provided by RUSA State Consultant was modified to suit the State HE system.


1)  To improve functional efficiency of the Colleges

2) To promote accountability and professional accountability and professional competency among the teaching staff

3) To check whether the Colleges are following the Academic Schedule and other Activities

4) Promoting healthy competitions among HEIs 

The format has been circulated to the institutions for strict compliance.

The Academic Format consists of 2- parts

  a)  Faculty Appraisal

  b)  College Profile and Assessors


 Ranking of Higher Education Institutions:

      On the basis of detail Reports of assessors (appointed by the Government) Higher Education institutions will be given rank according to their performance.  

/downloads/file/55 : Approval of Implementation of Academic Audit as Best Practices in Colleges/Institutions for Quality Education


Format for Academic Audit of Degree Colleges/Institutions

1) /downloads/file/56

2) /downloads/file/57

3) /downloads/file/58

4) /downloads/file/59